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Weekly Forecasts & Analysis

Weekly forecasts and technical analysis about forex and cryptocurrencies.

USDINR – Weekly Outlook & Analysis for 30th September 2022

Introduction From the forex platform, we can see that the US dollar continues to get stronger and it is creating a new high on the trading platform. The Reserve bank of India has been selling dollars to manage the volatility in the market which is affecting the Indian currency India’s Fundamentals  The Indian Forex reserves […]

BTCUSD Weekly Outlook and Bitcoin Fundamentals, 16th September 2022

Introduction This trading week’s attention for the Indian brokers was on the CPI data, released with 0.1% above the previous month’s reading and it led to another round of sell-off immediately where bitcoin lost about 6% of its value in 2mintues.  The report shows that the inflation level came out higher than expected and the […]

EURUSD – Weekly Outlook for 9th Sept 2022

Introduction The forex broker is expecting the market to move strongly as the European Central Bank plans to make a 50basis point announcement during the meeting it will be having this week. The inflation level has affected the European market in the past months as the economic activity is struggling to stabilize.  As the trading […]

USDINR – Weekly Outlook & Analysis for 3rd September 2022

Introduction The week’s trading activities will bring volatility across forex platforms as the non-farm payroll data will be released with other important fundamentals from the US economy activities. The market will react in favor of the dollar if the employment status continues to add jobs to the county employment data for a healthy economy. India’s […]

BTCUSD Weekly Outlook and Bitcoin Fundamentals, 26th August 2022

Introduction The BTC suffer another loss when it fell from the psychological high of 24200 and lost about 10% of its bullish gain to the sellers. For the past trading days, the markets have been in consolidation, therefore, the India brokers will have to keep their fingers crossed until a clear direction is known.  Despite […]

EURUSD – Weekly Outlook for 20th August 2022

Introduction The Retail sales report and the FOMC minutes are attracting forex brokers, retail traders, and investors as we can see that the dollar has shown some signs of improvement ahead of the reports.  The decision of the members of the committee will also influence the market. If the outcome should favor the dollar, the […]

EURUSD – Weekly Outlook & Analysis for 12th August 2022

Introduction The Junes CPI report saw the inflation rate hitting 40 years high, a major concern to the forex brokers and investors. A sign of relief came into the market when the inflation data came out softer than expected when July’s CPI data was released.  Market analysts believe that the Federal Reserves are still struggling […]

USDINR – Weekly Outlook & Analysis for 5th August 2022

Introduction The market started on a slower note for the dollar index on the Indian forex platform as Pelosi plans to arrive in Taiwan against the Chinese threat to the people of Taiwan. However, the dollar has lost some steam having reached the high of 80.00 during last month’s trading activities entering into the new […]

BTCUSD Weekly Outlook and Bitcoin Fundamentals, 29th June 2022

Introduction The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) recently raised an alarm about another scamming method mimics an investment strategy called liquidity mining. Crypto investors, Indian trading brokers, and American citizens are warned about ways scammers exploit owners of their digital assets.  They explained that liquidity mining in a legitimate form is to give investors some […]

EURUSD – Weekly Outlook for 22nd July 2022

Introduction The Eurozone is currently feeling the economic impact of the Russia/Ukraine war as the EURO and Greenback go into parity as revealed on forex platforms, a first since twenty years ago, and there is a likelihood that the price may dip below the $1.00 mark again before Q4.  Such a notable event draws the […]