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Bitcoin to USD Forecast

Find below weekly Bitcoin to USD ( BTCUSD )  forecasts and technical analysis for Indian forex traders and investors.

BTCUSD Weekly Outlook and Bitcoin Fundamentals, 16th September 2022

Introduction This trading week’s attention for the Indian brokers was on the CPI data, released with 0.1% above the previous month’s reading and it led to another round of sell-off immediately where bitcoin lost about 6% of its value in 2mintues.  The report shows that the inflation level came out higher than expected and the […]

BTCUSD Weekly Outlook and Bitcoin Fundamentals, 26th August 2022

Introduction The BTC suffer another loss when it fell from the psychological high of 24200 and lost about 10% of its bullish gain to the sellers. For the past trading days, the markets have been in consolidation, therefore, the India brokers will have to keep their fingers crossed until a clear direction is known.  Despite […]

BTCUSD Weekly Outlook and Bitcoin Fundamentals, 29th June 2022

Introduction The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) recently raised an alarm about another scamming method mimics an investment strategy called liquidity mining. Crypto investors, Indian trading brokers, and American citizens are warned about ways scammers exploit owners of their digital assets.  They explained that liquidity mining in a legitimate form is to give investors some […]

BTCUSD Weekly Outlook and Bitcoin Fundamentals, 30th June 2022

Introduction The St.Louis Fed Chief James Bullard believes that the inflation level is still high and that the FOMC could raise the interest rate to 3.5% by the 4th quarter of 2022 to control the hot inflation level.  Indian brokers and other investors will be following the development and its effects on cryptos as the […]

BTCUSD Weekly Outlook and Bitcoin Fundamentals, 17th June 2022

Introduction The recent dip in the crypto market has made the Indian brokers observe the reaction of price and what is likely to happen in the crypto industry as the market cap dropped below $1 trillion by 2021. The close price below the psychological zone of 25500 has increased the bearish momentum in the market. […]

BTCUSD Weekly Outlook and Bitcoin Fundamentals, 28th May 2022

Introduction The best Indian brokers may begin to see the long-term position traders closing out their trades as they see the BTC chart break below the psychological zones to bottom at a new low should the bearish momentum continue.  Some analysts say that the price may bottom at the $12K or $9K depending on the […]

BTCUSD Weekly Outlook and Bitcoin Fundamentals, 5th May 2022

Introduction Crypto brokers in India welcome the recent step taken by the SEC to tackle frauds in the crypto market as a means of protecting innocent investors according to the chairman of SEC Gary Gensler.  The Securities and Exchange Commission is ready to crack down on the criminal activities in the digital asset market. BTCUSD […]

BTCUSD Weekly Outlook and Bitcoin Fundamentals, 25th March 2022

Introduction Indian brokers have seen how the price of bitcoin broke out above the $40000 level severally this year but have not dominated the zones. The price of bitcoin has been ranging between the $30000 low and the high of $45000.  Can the long position traders breakout convincingly above the resistance zones or the sellers […]

BTCUSD Weekly Outlook and Bitcoin Fundamentals, 5th March 2022

Introduction The news about Russia and Ukraine crisis is a concern for bitcoin brokers and other financial institutions as the market becomes uncertain of its direction because of the fear factor in the crypto market.  Can the BTC coin over turn the resistance zone of 46000 for the trend to run or we get a […]

BTCUSD Weekly Outlook and Bitcoin Fundamentals, 11th Feb 2022

Introduction A country like Russia has shown interest in legalizing digital assets to boost its economic activities for businesses and individuals who want to operate through digital assets. The government’s decision has increased the global market cap for digital assets by 1.5%, this news is a welcome development for the top Indian brokers. BTCUSD Technical […]