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EURUSD Weekly forecasts and technical analysis.

EURUSD – Weekly Outlook for 24th June 2022

Introduction Forex brokers, investors, and retail traders have seen how the Greenback has attracted more funds into their economy by increasing the interest rate over some time. The US dollar has been able to recover the distance it lost to the Euro since the covid-19 crisis which saw the euro hit the 1.23110 mark. As […]

EURUSD – Weekly Outlook for 3rd June 2022

Introduction Top Forex brokers have seen the market sentiment moving in favor of the US dollar as investors move their investments into a safe haven since the war in Ukraine continues and the Russian aggression increases against the people of Ukraine.  The European Union has been deliberating on the new sanction to impose on Russian […]

EURUSD – Weekly Outlook for 22nd April 2022

Introduction The forex platforms are expected to see some reaction from traders and other market participants as the EURUSD price approach the pre-pandemic zones.  The last ECB meeting was a disappointment for the Euro currency as the members left monetary policy unchanged and no date was set for ending the Asset Purchased program. EURO and […]

EURUSD – Weekly Outlook for 15th April 2022

EURUSD Forecast for Forex Introduction This week’s trading activity started with a gap in the financial market as the economic and political uncertainties are on the rise and investors’ and Indian forex brokers’ sentiment is not certain. The decision of the Federal Reserve on the sharp interest-rate hikes and balance sheet reduction is aimed at […]

EURUSD – Weekly Outlook for 1st April 2022

EURUSD Forecast for Forex Introduction The Euro currency is expected to make some gains as we expect the peace talk between the Russia and Ukraine representatives to take a positive direction. Traders in India will also be paying attention to the forex platform as the US (NFP) news released during the trading week, a positive […]

EURUSD – Weekly Outlook for 10th March 2022

EURUSD Forecast for Forex Introduction The EURUSD currency pair saw a slowing of volatility on major Forex as the trading week resumes as the current war between Ukraine and Russia escalates and major stocks have declined since the Russian army seized one of Europe’s biggest nuclear powers and the demand for the safe-haven asset is […]

EURUSD – Weekly Outlook for 18th Feb 2022

EURUSD Forecast for Forex Introduction There was a pause on the major currencies when the tension between the Russian army continues to increase its military personnel at Ukraine’s border. The India Forex platforms saw the trading volume reduced as traders and other market participants searched for evidence that a true de-escalation has taken place as […]

EURUSD – Weekly Outlook for 27th Jan 2021

EURUSD Forecast for Forex Introduction The FOMC meeting has put investors, Institutions on the edge of the chair as they wait for the outcome of the meeting.  The US dollar has been making good strides recently when you look at the IQOption platform, also the Russia and Ukraine crisis that has made investors move their […]

EURUSD – Weekly Outlook for 7th January 2021

EURUSD Forecast for Forex Introduction The New year has started and the market is still uncertain because the forex platform has not been volatile since the US Thanksgiving holiday. The FOMC is having a meeting this first trading week and the US Non-farm payroll release will be out during the week.  Market participants will want […]

EURUSD – Weekly Outlook for 10th December 2021

EURUSD Forecast for Forex Introduction The market has been bearish on the higher timeframe, you can see that the US dollar has been strong in the past 4 months as you can see the pair on the OlympTrade forex platform.  Recently, the new variants of COVID-19 called Omicron virus were of concern in the financial […]