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Weekly forex forecasts

Weekly forex forecasts and technical analysis.

EURUSD – Weekly Outlook & Analysis for 12th August 2022

Introduction The Junes CPI report saw the inflation rate hitting 40 years high, a major concern to the forex brokers and investors. A sign of relief came into the market when the inflation data came out softer than expected when July’s CPI data was released.  Market analysts believe that the Federal Reserves are still struggling […]

USDINR – Weekly Outlook & Analysis for 5th August 2022

Introduction The market started on a slower note for the dollar index on the Indian forex platform as Pelosi plans to arrive in Taiwan against the Chinese threat to the people of Taiwan. However, the dollar has lost some steam having reached the high of 80.00 during last month’s trading activities entering into the new […]

EURUSD – Weekly Outlook for 22nd July 2022

Introduction The Eurozone is currently feeling the economic impact of the Russia/Ukraine war as the EURO and Greenback go into parity as revealed on forex platforms, a first since twenty years ago, and there is a likelihood that the price may dip below the $1.00 mark again before Q4.  Such a notable event draws the […]

EURUSD – Weekly Outlook for 15th July 2022

Introduction For the first time in twenty years, the forex brokers are seeing the US dollar going into parity with the Euro currency as the value of the pair broke out below the psychological zone of 2016 this July and there is the possibility that the price may dip lower into the 2002 level of […]

USDINR – Weekly Outlook & Analysis for 8th July 2022

Introduction The outcome of the FOMC meeting will influence the pair on the India forex platforms as traders and investors will want to be in the right direction when the outcome of the meeting is released. The analyst expects the interest rate to be increased as the Fed plans to reach 75bps in 2022. India’s […]

EURUSD – Weekly Outlook for 24th June 2022

Introduction Forex brokers, investors, and retail traders have seen how the Greenback has attracted more funds into their economy by increasing the interest rate over some time. The US dollar has been able to recover the distance it lost to the Euro since the covid-19 crisis which saw the euro hit the 1.23110 mark. As […]

USDINR – Weekly Outlook & Analysis for 11th June 2022

Introduction Long term traders’ sentiment favors the upside momentum on the forex platform as the USDINR continues to print higher peaks and valleys on the weekly time frame, since 07 June last year.  Last week’s bearish closing hidden inside bar suggested an accumulation of sell order, however, the bulls have shown that it’s not sufficient […]

EURUSD – Weekly Outlook for 3rd June 2022

Introduction Top Forex brokers have seen the market sentiment moving in favor of the US dollar as investors move their investments into a safe haven since the war in Ukraine continues and the Russian aggression increases against the people of Ukraine.  The European Union has been deliberating on the new sanction to impose on Russian […]

USDINR – Weekly Outlook & Analysis for 19th May 2022

Introduction The bullish run on the USDINR pair has broken out of the 77.00 resistance level by the previous week’s candle, the bullish trend may continue in the following weeks but the price may retest the zone on the OlympTrade forex platform before the trend continues or reverses. India’s Fundamentals  The Indian authority unveiled its […]

USDINR – Weekly Outlook & Analysis for 29th April 2022

Introduction The USDINR pair has been bullish for some weeks and the trend may likely continue as you can see on the online forex platform.  India is likely to become the third-largest consumer economy by 2025 as its consumption may triple to $4 trillion based on the consumer behavior and expenditure pattern based on BCG’s […]