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What is Santiment?

What is SantimentEven though the blockchain of cryptocurrency aims to be the future of world finance, yet it lacks certain effective tools for seamless trading experience. To meet the demands of crypto-traders, Santiment (SAN) was launched on 4th of July, 2017. SAN is the first ever crypto-market trading terminal with intelligence platform, ignited by a community of competent developers. Essentially, content and datafeeds associated with the cryptocurrency market are made available to the users who are part of this community. Though most of the information would be free of cost, yet some key feeds have to be purchased using the token of SAN.

The cryptocurrency India users get an opportunity to monitor the movements of the market in real-time and get access to objective datafeeds and transparent databases. On the whole, Santiment will turn out to be an invaluable platform for:

  • Beginners who have arrived at the crypto-market and are not exactly sure how it works
  • Data vendors, such as management platforms, portfolio managers and analysts of the market
  • Professional crypto investors and traders such as whales and hedgers.

Such participants are often in the lookout for genuine information to understand the upcoming behavior of the market and thus evaluate their trading options. The individual traders can take advantage of not only santiment and free market data, blockchain data or ICO analysis but at the same time they can acquire in-depth information and detailed data from the platform. The large customers including hedgers or whales are always keen on identifying better information about cryptocurrencies and even pay more for the same.

The exchanges would be able to stake SAN enabling a portion of free data for the customers. This is because at present, more and more exchanges are collaborating for such services, as a result of which the SANs price (staking price) would see a steep rise. Iconomi became the first investor that is about to adapt santiment in their management platform of assets.

Before the launch in July, SANs had a pre-sale in mid February with an idea to utilize the funds acquired for creating mobile apps, which are present it as its alpha stage and grab finance for their initial development. Some of the key components of the app, as specified by the company would be: information on the price of currencies, various crypto trading pairs and historical price of the currencies in the form of charts. Like forex analysis, even here you can find a combination of both fundamental and technical analysis to predict the conditions of cryptocurrency market.


The Crowdsale of Santiment: Everything You Need To Know

During its launch, SANs had come up with crowdsale, offering almost 55% of tokens, as about 18% were sold in the pre-sale itself and the rest 10% were devoted for advisors (the reward pool network) and the final 17% went to the team. Remember: SAN happens to be the token of Ethereum, hence contributions made to the market will be managed using smart contracts and only ETH can be used for taking part in the ICO. The maximum cap for this was 45,000 ETH, while the minimum cap was 15,000, though no bonus was given to the participants, yet value of 1 ETH was equivalent to 1000 SAN.

To make sure that people were able to take part in the crowdsale, three unique ICO caps (or measures) were introduced. The first being, the members of the Santiment community were able to white-list themselves, ensuring they are able to send their ETH for the sale. In the second step, the users how belonged to confound could acquire approximately 35% of the tokens and at the entire sale was completely open for public.


Trading Intelligence With Santiment: Know The Perks

Trading can be quite difficult; there are innumerable traders who lose their funds even during bull markets. However, it does not have to be that complicated, rather it is a skill that should be mastered with adequate practice and perfected risk management strategies. One of the major problems associated with crypto-trading, as stated at the beginning is that they are only a few tools available for trading cryptocurrencies India and this affects the trading significantly. Not sure how this happens, let’s know more about it step-by-step, and the role that santiment plays in overcoming them.

  1. Trading Weakness Remains Invisible

The times when you feel that something is not right, it’s the metrics that help you realize the true movement of market and the potential that it has in store for you. When you begin trading with cryptocurrencies then there are times when profits would drain out, but if you want to mitigate them away then santiment can provide a promising method to do. With this, you can make use of the actionable analysis offered by the platform and that too with a touch of button, making trading as easy as it can be.

  1. Lack of Reliable Information

Getting reliable information about the blockchain is a task in itself. This is because there are too many data out there and a huge portion of them can misleading, making you prone to trading mistakes that you wouldn’t have made otherwise. So, to get reliable crypto-intelligence information SAN turns out to be the ultimate destination. This is because the framework of Santiment is based on structured programs that is able to distinguish reliable information from hypes, delivering nothing but real datafeeds that are worth a notice.

  1. No Solution of Market Sentiment

At last, even if you get proper information about particular blockchain movements of the market, still the reaction or sentiment that participants will have towards it remains unknown. Most of the traders just go by their intuition; however this may not always be the best solution. To get accurate data on sentiments demands deep understanding about the historical movement of crowds, the market dynamics and emotions involved. The data-source of Santiment is one such rewarding portal, where you get to learn everything about the market and thus are able to analyze market sentiment in a much better way.


Santiment Currency

Santiment: The Solution For Trading Cryptocurrencies

The core idea of Santiment is based on three essential factors namely: discipline enhancing tools, sentiment tracking and accurate information. Thus, the solutions programmed by SANs will only give a boost to the market participants of cryptocurrency India as it improves the chances of profitability. In fact the vision of Santiment is to have a valued network that features quality content and is made reliable, where players always get rewarded through the accurate predictions, further leading to integration of journaling tools and trading analytics with exchanges as well.