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I am economist and I live in Bangalore since 2010. I have been working as financial manager for some international banks. Currently I work as Forex and CryptoChain analyst for different brokers.

EURUSD – Weekly Outlook & Analysis for 12th August 2022

Introduction The Junes CPI report saw the inflation rate hitting 40 years high, a major concern to the forex brokers and investors. A sign of relief came into the market when the inflation data came out softer than expected when July’s CPI data was released.  Market analysts believe that the Federal Reserves are still struggling […]

USDINR – Weekly Outlook & Analysis for 5th August 2022

Introduction The market started on a slower note for the dollar index on the Indian forex platform as Pelosi plans to arrive in Taiwan against the Chinese threat to the people of Taiwan. However, the dollar has lost some steam having reached the high of 80.00 during last month’s trading activities entering into the new […]

BTCUSD Weekly Outlook and Bitcoin Fundamentals, 29th June 2022

Introduction The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) recently raised an alarm about another scamming method mimics an investment strategy called liquidity mining. Crypto investors, Indian trading brokers, and American citizens are warned about ways scammers exploit owners of their digital assets.  They explained that liquidity mining in a legitimate form is to give investors some […]

USDINR – Weekly Outlook & Analysis for 8th July 2022

Introduction The outcome of the FOMC meeting will influence the pair on the India forex platforms as traders and investors will want to be in the right direction when the outcome of the meeting is released. The analyst expects the interest rate to be increased as the Fed plans to reach 75bps in 2022. India’s […]

BTCUSD Weekly Outlook and Bitcoin Fundamentals, 30th June 2022

Introduction The St.Louis Fed Chief James Bullard believes that the inflation level is still high and that the FOMC could raise the interest rate to 3.5% by the 4th quarter of 2022 to control the hot inflation level.  Indian brokers and other investors will be following the development and its effects on cryptos as the […]

USDINR – Weekly Outlook & Analysis for 11th June 2022

Introduction Long term traders’ sentiment favors the upside momentum on the forex platform as the USDINR continues to print higher peaks and valleys on the weekly time frame, since 07 June last year.  Last week’s bearish closing hidden inside bar suggested an accumulation of sell order, however, the bulls have shown that it’s not sufficient […]