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USD/INR – Weekly Outlook for August 22 2019

USDINR Forecast & Technical Analysis Introduction The Indian Rupee as revealed on IQOption broker has been losing to the dollar for five weeks in a row, owing to adverse macroeconomic events, and technical chart and price patterns for gatekeeping. Let’s take a closer look into activities for this week. India’s Fundamentals  India foreign Reserve (USD) […]

USD/INR – Weekly Outlook for July 26 2019

USD/INR Forecast & Technical Analysis Introduction Last week’s bullish price close alongside fundamental events set the USDINR for an upswing on Olymp Trade platforms. Read on as we analyze the significant technical price drivers as well as some fundamental events. India’s Fundamentals  India FX Reserves (USD) International FX reserves comprise foreign currency assets,   SDRs […]

USD/INR – Weekly Outlook for July 13 2019

USD/INR Forecast & Technical Analysis Introduction Over the course of three weeks, the bullish trend of the USD/INR persists as revealed on major India forex broker platforms as the US/China trade war continues. Read on as we analyze both fundamental and technical drivers of price this week. India’s Fundamentals  India’s FX Reserves (USD) A nation’s […]

USD/INR – Weekly Outlook for June 13 2019

USDINR Forecast & Technical Analysis Introduction The Indian Rupee following a huge bullish gain struggles to move beyond the 68.346 support, twelve weeks after establishing the level on IQOption, a major India brokers’ platform. This week we’ll look into events in the US as well as technical price patterns for gatekeeping, which have kept the […]

USD/INR – Weekly Outlook for May 10 2019

USD/INR Forecast & Technical Analysis for Indian Rupee Introduction The long-expected failure of the Nifty 50 was finally signalled as the daily chart flagged a series of bearish divergence on 03, and 22 April, followed by double bearish accumulation setups on 03 May ’19. Come along as we look into other interesting news announcement and […]

USD/INR – Weekly Outlook for April 24 2019

USD/INR Outlook & Technical Analysis for Indian NIFTY 50 Introduction Although the first quarter of 2019 started off by showing a retracement of the Indian Rupee gains, the exchange rate finally closed near Q1’s open. This showed that the bears are not ready to back down from their campaign towards a strong INR. India’s Fundamentals  […]

USDINR – Weekly Outlook for March 14 2019

USDINR : Weekly Technical Analysis for Forex Introduction Last week, the USDINR closed with a long bearish candle, indicating a strengthening of the Indian Rupee. Welcome to another week where we analyze the fundamental and technical events that are responsible for the trend direction of the exchange rates. Should we be looking forward to a […]