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Weekly crypto forecasts

Bitcoin to USD ( BTCUSD ) Forecast & Weekly Analysis, August 18 2018

Bitcoin to USD Weekly Forecast & Analysis for Indian Brokers Introduction The previous week raised the hopes of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, as the pair broke out of a technical trend line resistance. All hopes were lost for HODLers when the pair broke a bullish accumulation support from the daily chart perspective. Read on as we explore […]

Bitcoin to USD ( BTCUSD ) Forecast & Weekly Analysis, July 31 2018

BTCUSD Weekly Forecast & Analysis for Crypto Brokers Introduction So far so good, Bitcoin is bent on holding its grounds against the dollar as this week is flooded with positive sentiments, especially as the SEC rejected the Winklevoss twins ETF application. Speculative Demand Finally, there is hope for Indian residents looking out for crypto brokers, […]

Bitcoin to USD ( BTCUSD ) Forecast & Weekly Analysis, July 19 2018

Weekly Crypto Forecast & Analysis for BTCUSD Introduction Starting from early this year, Bitcoin the cryptocurrency giant has been in a downward trend, causing a domino effect on every other alt-coins. Last week was another depressing one for the crypto enthusiasts and newbies who bought into last year’s Bull Run. This, however, brings some light […]

ETH/USD – Weekly Outlook

Weekly Forex Forecast to trade Ethereum Ethereum, the smart contract, ICO launching blockchain platform, comfortably sits as the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Following a clamping down on ICOs (Initial coin offerings) in China, and harsh regulations in the United States and South Korea, there was a huge correction in the price of Ethereum […]