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Cryptocurrency Trading

Bitcoin to USD ( BTCUSD ) Weekly Outlook , February 29 2019

BTCUSD Forecast and Technical Analysis & Fundamentals for Bitcoin Introduction The total cryptocurrency market cap drops from its Feb high at $306.5 B (-23.3%), leading to a negative ripple effect across the entire FBS platforms last week. Also, the city of Lagos, Nigeria, reports its first exposure to the novel coronavirus.  Come along as we […]

Bitcoin to USD ( BTCUSD ) Weekly Outlook , February 13 2019

BTCUSD Forecast and Technical Analysis & Fundamentals for Bitcoin Introduction With an increase in miners’ reward, comes an increase in institutional money into the crypto space.  The recent virus (Coronavirus) outbreak in Asia China in the past weeks has forced investors to seek refuge in the crypto market. Read on as we analyze basic chart […]

Bitcoin to USD ( BTCUSD ) Weekly Outlook , November 14 2019

BTCUSD Forecast and Technical Analysis & Fundamentals for Bitcoin Introduction A bizarre rumor has been spreading this week after privacy based coin Grin on November 11 received an anonymous donation of about 50 Bitcoin (BTC), with many people claiming that Satoshi was behind the generous donation. The company, who, on November 11, announced the donation […]

USD/INR – Weekly Outlook for June 28 2019

USD/INR Forecast & Technical Analysis Introduction In the previous week, Olymp Trade record recovery in the strength of the Indian Rupee after the USD/INR established a weekly high of 70.776 INR.  Come along as we look into the fundamental and technical events driving the price. India’s Fundamentals  India’s FX Reserves is a macroeconomic data published […]

Cryptocurrency Basics

Cryptocurrency Trading – Basics

Online currency trading found a new dimension with the active participation of traders in the crypto-market. This highly-volatile market emerged to be one of the finest mediums to trade cryptocurrencies, giving investors an opportunity to earn their share of tax-free profits. Interestingly, cryptocurrencies (electronic peer-to-peer technology) witnessed a wide leap from being academic concept to […]

Profit in Currency

How To Profit In Cryptocurrency?

The cryptocurrency market is huge and offers immense potential for earning profits or making easy money. However, like every other trading market, this market too has its pitfalls and cons. Hence, traders must tread cautiously before trading cryptocurrency and use strategies that are in tune with their trading style and concepts. In this article, we’ve […]

How to trade Ethereum

How to trade Ethereum?

Ethereum or ether is the 2nd most traded cryptocurrency in the world. The digital currency has witnessed exponential growth in the past couple of years. Here, we will take a look at cryptocurrency’s growth over the years and also outline the best ways to trade ethereum.   Ethereum Defined Designed by Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum came […]

Trading Bitcoin

How To Trade Bitcoin?

Bitcoin (BTC) is a decentralized, anonymous and peer-to-peer currency that has emerged to be one of the most traded options of all-time. Known for its high-volatile nature, the currency gained its true importance right after the peak rise of April, 2013 and ever since then it has never lost its limelight. Be it the price […]

Reduced Spreads

Cryptocurrency Purchase Vs. CFD Trading

Cryptocurrencies and Contract for Difference (CFD) are two of the most potent financial instruments that have ventured impressive profits to investors worldwide. While trading cryptocurrencies, traders have to make a choice between the both i.e. either to conduct the regular purchase of cryptocurrencies or to opt for CFDs based on the crypto-market. Even though the […]

CFD Multipliers explained

CFD Multipliers explained

A lot of people trade in cryptocurrenciestocut tensions through the crypto currency trade, however, there is another possibility that can trigger price movements. It can be accomplished by using a Difference Contract (CFD). If we have to understand the potential of the CFD tools involvedin cryptocurrencies, one has to to analyze CFD.CFDs are also called […]